Welcome to Dallas Daisy Online!

Hi, I’m Dallas. I love the colors pink and yellow in case you didn’t notice! I was born in a small town in Eastern Ontario. I love writing songs about stories that haven’t been told yet. I write all of my own songs and I try to create music that is very unique and versatile. My goal is to keep producing music that is well rounded and pleasing to my listeners, while at the same time just being me. All of my musical inspiration originates back to my country roots, as that is where my love of music began. My favourite country artists and biggest inspirations are Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift and LeeAnn Womack, just to name a few. Yes, my real name is Dallas Daisy. For those of you wondering, I get asked that a lot. I was named after the Alan Jackson song, “If Dallas was in Tennessee”, hence my call-back song to Alan Jackson “Dallas is in Tennessee”. I got my middle name “Daisy”, after “Daisy Duke” from the Dukes of Hazard show. I am 23 years old now, and still love music just as mu

About Dallas Daisy

23-Year-old Dallas Daisy is a talented young woman from Eastern Ontario. She is a country music entertainer who writes all her own songs. With a classic twist mixed with a little modern country flavour she brings her own unique style of country music to the table.  Dallas has performed in Nashville Tennessee on the Nashville Spotlight TV show and NBN TV. Dallas also performed at the Nashville Palace and was presented an award at the NATD meeting (Nashville Association of Talent Directors) for singer/songwriter. She has also performed in Branson Missouri on the Shotgun Red Variety Show aired on Prime Time Television on the RFD TV Network.   Dallas performed with the Tragically Hip band at the Crystal Ball Gala Limestone District School Board Fundraiser at the K-Rock Center in Kingston Ontario. As well she has done some recording with the Hip at Bathhouse Studios of some of her own original songs.  Dallas has opened for Gene Watson, Jason McCoy, The Good Brothers, Da